Elation, followed by crushing disappointment

I opened my emails the other day and there was an email from an unknown address, and the subject was ‘Charlie and Pearl’.

(Regular followers will know that is the name of my first book)

Instantly visions of an agent/publisher reaching out to me filled my head. I allowed myself to imagine that maybe, just maybe, this was the moment IT ALL HAPPENED. My Dreams were finally about to come true.

Then I opened it and read it and it was just an email from a promotional website asking if I would consider including Charlie and Pearl in a promotion they would shortly be running. Which I thought was nice. Then I read on, and they asked if I also wouldn’t mind paying $60 for the pleasure of it.


Hope someone else out there has had a dream come true this week :-)

6909 book downloads in three days

Hi everyone :-)

So it’s been a long time since a ran a free promo through the Amazon KDP program, mainly because I hadn’t seen any benefit from it in the past. However, on a whim the other day I decided why not run one, to see if I could rustle up a few more reviews, especially for my latest book?

So I made three of my titles free for five days. As you can tell from the title of this post, the response has been huge. Every time I check the figures (frequently) it’s jumped by a few more hundred, and showing no sign of slowing down. The promotion finishes tomorrow (March 3) so I thought I better share it on here in case any of you are interested in picking up my books. Hopefully, if I’ve remembered how to do it properly, you can click on a cover below and be taken to the books on Amazon.

Enjoy! And please leave a review if you get a spare minute, I’d really appreciate it :-)

Charlie and Pearl cover

Amazon Cover

When Stars Collide - cover

Romance/Women’ Ficion event – fabulous titles for $1 or under

In two days one of my books (A Roast on Sunday) will be featured in this fabulous Romance event, where you can pick up fantastic titles for a dollar or under. They are only on special for the one day so don’t miss out.
The Buck Book website also runs regular events, for both fiction and non-fiction books, so sign up if you’d like to get notifications of future specials :-)

Romance Books

Behold these gorgeous bundles of squishy cuteness

It’s been a fair while since I posted updated pictures of the girls (in fact Willow was about 3 weeks old and she is now six and a half months!)

However I am back into blogging with a passion, whether anyone reads it or not :-) If anyone does read this, please know that I am existing in a permanent state of sleep deprivation so be kind if I occasionally make no sense or babble nonsensically, oh and forgive the fact that I can’t even seem to spell my own country right at the moment. Sheesh.

And if you do read this, please say Hi so I know I’m not alone in here (echo, echo echoooo).

Ok here are updated pics of the girls. I must warn you that even though I am of course biased, I have it on good authority that they are pretty darn cute. So look away now if you can’t handle so much cuteness in one place.



And Holly

We start them driving young in New Zealand ;-)

We start them driving young in New Zealand ;-)

Quick Question…

For all my international followers (i.e not from the land of the long white cloud) I am currently writing my fifth book and I have tentatively titled it ‘Pohutukawa Highway’.

Now for all you non-kiwis out there, this is a Pohutukawa tree,


It’s also known as New Zealand’s native Christmas tree, because of the gorgeous crimson blooms it has at Christmas.

My question is: if you saw a book with a word you didn’t know in the title and that was clearly native to another country, would you dismiss it in case the book also contained similar native words, or would you still be interested in reading it? (Obviously if the blurb interested you.

I’m just trying to decide whether to keep the title or think of something else.

Thanks :-)

Has this worked?

Woop woop! My fourth book, Lessons from Ducks, is now published. Actually I published it a week ago but I couldn’t (still can’t) figure out how to post it on here so it’s just the lovely pic of the cover and you click on it and it links to Amazon. Technically minded I am not, but I am determined to figure it out. Can someone please let me know, if you click on the cover below does it take you to the book on Amazon?

So far I’ve sold around 28 copies and it’s had two five star reviews :-) I’ve listed it at a special sale price of only 99c, and dropped the price of the other three so right now if you hurry you can pick up all four books for under $4! How brilliant is that ;-)

If you do buy it I would love to hear back from you what you think.



If you clAmazon Cover

How I sold 85 books today and achieved a rank in the 3000’s (plus 76 in a category)

Hey guys,

I’m ashamed at how long it’s been :-( I just logged in and saw my last post was in July last year and I nearly fell off the couch. Not really, but you know what I mean.

It’s been a hectic six months. To sum up – Willow turned six months yesterday, Holly is now 2 years old (and two months). We got burgled again (bastards), I slept probably a sum total of 86 hours in that entire six months (again, not really, but not far off. Willow is only just starting to sleep a little longer than an hour at a time now, but she still likes to throw me curveballs, like last night. Yawn.)

I also finished my fourth book, Lessons from Ducks. It’s been a loooooooong process. I optimistically planned on publishing it in March last year. Ha. HA! Idiot. I underestimated how tired I would be and overestimated how much free time these two little girls would let me have.

But it’s finished. Thank f**ken god, excuse my French. I have the next book already in my head and I’ve been gagging to start it, so now at least I finally can. Ducks is currently in the hands of some editors but should be published in the next few days. I will let you know when it is.

Now to the title of this post. I wanted to pass on a great website for authors. At the start of January for the first time ever I decided to do a paid promo. It tanked. I don’t think I got any extra sales from it all. The website was Indie Books Daily. It cost me like $80 (NZ)

Last week in a Facebook writing group I saw mention of a website called Buck Books. It was free for authors and the lady who mentioned it had achieved great results. I sent the guy a message and he very kindly agreed to feature Charlie and Pearl.

It ran today. So far I have sold around 85 books. My ranking was in the 500,000’s at the start of the promo, it is now at 3034, and I am #76 in a category. This is the highest the book has ever been on the paid charts and it’s freaking AWESOME.

So check them out at the link below. Subscribe to get great books delivered to your inbox daily, and if you’re an author beg, borrow and steal or do whatever it is you need to do to get featured (obviously your book will need to be priced right).

Oh and go and buy Charlie and Pearl if you haven’t already ;-)

Buck Books

On sale for a limited time! :-)

Hey everyone,

Well Willow is three weeks old as of today (eep time goes quickly!) She is doing exceptionally well and growing like a mushroom (gaining almost two pounds in three weeks! Must be all the ice cream I’m eating making my milk super creamy :-P )


I have started writing again, something new which is in idea stages only at this point. Still dream of finishing Lessons from Ducks this year and publishing it (heck, I WILL get it published this year, I WILL)

In the meantime just wanted to let you all know that Charlie and Pearl is on sale at the moment (99c!) as part of a countdown deal. In another day or so it will go to $1.99 so snap it up now ;-) Please let your friends and family know if it’s something you think they’ll like (there’s something in there for everyone)

Bloody Amazon changed my home page to the Australian site (even though I expressly asked them not to grrr) so I’m not sure how to link to it anymore. When I try and search the .com site I get the aussie site. Frustrating to say the least. If any of you are able to post a link to the book on amazon.com in the comments I would be super appreciative, otherwise if you go to book links at the top of the page you should be able to click on it there and find it.

Thanks and Happy Reading!

She’s here!

I’m so thrilled to share the news that baby Willow Patrice Robinson has arrived! Patrice (for those of you who follow this blog) was my mums name, who passed away suddenly last April. It is also my middle name.

Willow arrived on the 8th July at 2.25am after a relatively quick labour. 7 lbs. 7 oz., she is STUNNING and I’ve barely been able to tear my eyes off her for the last week. Unlike our little bald Holly (well, she had a ring like friar tuck around the edges), Willow has a full crop of dark hair and seems to take more after me (YES!) in appearance. Holly is most certainly Daddy’s little mini me, so it’s nice to have one for me too :-P

Holly has had a big week, both with the arrival of Willow, a Wiggles concert last Monday (thanks to her aunty paying for her to go) and also her first ear infection. Doctor prescribed antibiotics which one minute she will happily take and then the next time a dose is due she will refuse point blank and we end up forcing it in!! Fun times. She is realising that this little thing that pretty much just sleeps (when it’s not attached to mums boob) is here to stay and she has started to take more of an interest. I have to admit I’ve had a few teary moments where I miss Holly, I’m so used to spending all my time with her for the last 20 months so not being able to is an adjustment for me too. Luckily daddy is home at the moment (two weeks off) so he has been able to pick up the slack and play with her. Not sure how I will cope when he goes back to work next week but I’m sure I will as many others do! Ok, Willow is stirring so I had better go. Will touch base again soon xxx