On sale for a limited time! :-)

Hey everyone,

Well Willow is three weeks old as of today (eep time goes quickly!) She is doing exceptionally well and growing like a mushroom (gaining almost two pounds in three weeks! Must be all the ice cream I’m eating making my milk super creamy :-P )


I have started writing again, something new which is in idea stages only at this point. Still dream of finishing Lessons from Ducks this year and publishing it (heck, I WILL get it published this year, I WILL)

In the meantime just wanted to let you all know that Charlie and Pearl is on sale at the moment (99c!) as part of a countdown deal. In another day or so it will go to $1.99 so snap it up now ;-) Please let your friends and family know if it’s something you think they’ll like (there’s something in there for everyone)

Bloody Amazon changed my home page to the Australian site (even though I expressly asked them not to grrr) so I’m not sure how to link to it anymore. When I try and search the .com site I get the aussie site. Frustrating to say the least. If any of you are able to post a link to the book on amazon.com in the comments I would be super appreciative, otherwise if you go to book links at the top of the page you should be able to click on it there and find it.

Thanks and Happy Reading!

She’s here!

I’m so thrilled to share the news that baby Willow Patrice Robinson has arrived! Patrice (for those of you who follow this blog) was my mums name, who passed away suddenly last April. It is also my middle name.

Willow arrived on the 8th July at 2.25am after a relatively quick labour. 7 lbs. 7 oz., she is STUNNING and I’ve barely been able to tear my eyes off her for the last week. Unlike our little bald Holly (well, she had a ring like friar tuck around the edges), Willow has a full crop of dark hair and seems to take more after me (YES!) in appearance. Holly is most certainly Daddy’s little mini me, so it’s nice to have one for me too :-P

Holly has had a big week, both with the arrival of Willow, a Wiggles concert last Monday (thanks to her aunty paying for her to go) and also her first ear infection. Doctor prescribed antibiotics which one minute she will happily take and then the next time a dose is due she will refuse point blank and we end up forcing it in!! Fun times. She is realising that this little thing that pretty much just sleeps (when it’s not attached to mums boob) is here to stay and she has started to take more of an interest. I have to admit I’ve had a few teary moments where I miss Holly, I’m so used to spending all my time with her for the last 20 months so not being able to is an adjustment for me too. Luckily daddy is home at the moment (two weeks off) so he has been able to pick up the slack and play with her. Not sure how I will cope when he goes back to work next week but I’m sure I will as many others do! Ok, Willow is stirring so I had better go. Will touch base again soon xxx








Argh I am going to scream! (And then probably cry a little)

I just wrote a massive post. With photos and everything. Poured my absolute heart out about what’s been happening over the last few months. Then while adding tags it froze. Completely. I got a message saying ‘wordpress is not responding’, (well duh) and the only option was to ‘recover webpage’ so I clicked it and the WHOLE POST IS GONE. Vanished. It didn’t recover buggery squat.


Stupid effin technology! what the H is the point if it doesn’t blinkin work????

(You can probably tell I’ve had to moderate my language somewhat since Holly came along….and the whole ‘bugger’ incident)

I’m gutted. I spent a good forty minutes working on that post. I was honest about my recent complete and utter blogging uselessness (summary: pregnancy has sapped all energy leaving just enough to run around after active toddler and indulge in chocolate). Also emotionally have just been through the wringer with the one year anniversary of mum’s death :-( And Mothers day. Yes, I made sure I celebrated being blessed enough to be Holly’s mum as well. Still cried a fair bit the day before though. Both mum and those of us left behind have been ROBBED. And it sucks. I am devastated she won’t meet this new baby who is due in only TWO MONTHS TIME.

In that post I also vowed to have the new book ‘Lessons from Ducks’ published within the next six months.

And I mused on a few other things, none of which I can remember now (too annoyed).


I swear to god if this post disappears in the same way you will hear me scream from wherever you are in the world. Don’t computers know not to mess with pregnant hormonal women????????

And yes, before some smarty pants points it out, I have now clicked the ‘Save Draft’ option. Too late to save the first post though. Grumble grumble.

Ok, too upset now to write more (sorry). Will leave you with some pics and be back in the next day or two in a better mood I promise. stupid wordpress/internet/computer huff huff.

Thank you! xx

Holly, I and the new baby dancing

Holly, I and the new baby dancing




Memorial chair my dad had made for mum

Memorial chair my dad had made for mum

Aww ♥

Aww ♥


Looking so grown up. where did my baby go?? Sob

Looking so grown up. where did my baby go?? Sob

An Example to Us All

Help Me Help Holly ♥:

Today I feature on the lovely Jane’s blog :-) Read the interview here

Originally posted on Jane Bwye:

What an honour it is to host Tammy Robinson from New Zealand today. Proactive, daunted by nothing, she just gets on with it. And she lives in a beautiful part of the world.

20140208_120921 (640x480)

Tammy – you self-published three books last year. That’s an amazing feat. Tell us a bit about them, how long are they, what genre, and how do you manage your writing time?


Hi Jane, thanks so much for having me here! Yes last year was a bit crazy for me. In January I published Charlie and Pearl, a contemporary romance set in New Zealand with an unusual ending. It’s a relatively short book (around 45,000 words) I actually wrote it in 2011 and for a year tried the traditional publishing route. Then for personal reasons I had a rough year so the book was abandoned. At the start of last year I lost a dear friend to cancer…

View original 1,148 more words

BARGAIN! You just can’t miss this ;-)

So as per my post the other day, all three of my books are currently part of a Kindle Daily countdown deal. At the moment they are priced at a measly 99c!!!! “What??” (I hear you gasp) “That’s cheaper than a can of coke!”

Why yes, yes it is!!! (In NZ anyway, not sure about where you’re from)

I think they will stay that price for another day and then go up to $1.99 so don’t hesitate – snap them up right NOW!

Also feel free to share this on your blog/twitter/round the dinner table – in fact make sure you tell all your friends and family please :-)

The links to the books are on the page above ↑ ‘Links to my books’ ↑

(I would post them here but I think Amazon has made the Aussie page my homepage despite the fact when they asked I said no thanks so the links I post would have the incorrect price)

Thanks everyone! xx

Can someone please do me a favour?

So I signed all three books up to the Kindle Countdown daily deal, starting 27th Feb at 99c and going until the 4th March. When I look at my bookshelf it says this promo is now in progress, but when I go to Amazon.com I don’t see any price difference? what I’m thinking is that Amazon in all it’s infinite wisdom is showing me the Australian site price for some godforsaken reason, even though when they created it and asked if I wanted to switch I said nope.

I asked a friend in the UK to have a look this morning and she couldn’t see any prices at all. :-/

Can someone please click on the links (on the separate page of this blog, above listed under Home, etc) and tell me what price is showing on Amazon.com for the books?

Thanks heaps :-)

Oh and I forgot to mention….

That with massive and heart-warming encouragement from some author/reviewer friends I’ve made online I’ve slowly started submitting my books to the odd agent.

I’ve also entered ‘When Stars Collide’ into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014 contest, and today I’ll be entering ‘Charlie and Pearl’ into the Dundee International Contest.

Oh and thanks to the most excellent help of a friend, Lorraine Tipene, that I met after she read and adored my books, Charlie and Pearl has been re-edited and should now be as polished as it can be. I will upload the new version to Amazon later today so if you’ve already purchased it you can automatically update it.

Wish me luck!


Remember me?

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in so long! *Guilty face* I don’t even really have an excuse. I did lose a bit of confidence in opening myself up so publicly. But I’ve decided I’m not going to let that stop me blogging.

So I’m back. For good! I’ve really missed this.

Holly is doing wonderfully. Here she is having her first fish n chips at the park the other night. in true blue kiwi style everything got dunked in the tomato sauce repeatedly.


Baby number two is baking nicely. I am half way along now and getting lots of little pokes and kicks. We have our 20 scan next Monday, the one where we can choose to find out the sex of the baby, but as we did with Holly we are leaving it a surprise. Here we are on a walk in the forest the other weekend. You can see my bump is big already!


I love this little girl so much. She is just amazing. Her little personality is really coming out and she makes me laugh so much! I am blown away by how much love I feel for her. I do worry how I can love another as much, and how Holly will cope when my time is spilt between her and the new baby and I can’t give her as much attention as I do now.


My new book ‘Lessons from Ducks’ is coming along slowly. Holly’s sleep patterns are all up the woopsie so I’m writing when I can. So far I’m 35,000 words in.

My other three books are selling ok and getting great reviews. I am thinking about doing a Kindle Countdown deal soon, but will let you know if I do.

Ok. I hope you guys are still with me. :-)